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Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Why does my piano need tuning ?

Pianos of any manufacture will feelthe effects of weather/humidity changes. Just as you can find a door in your home swelling and sticking when a storm front comes through,  so too will the piano. The soundboard primarily wants to expand out by its length just like the door. However, with the soundboard being glued around its entire edge the soundboard will flex upward and thereby changing the tension on the piano strings. A piano will have around 20 tons of pressure on its structure so a little change can affect it.
2)  Where is the best place to put my piano in a room ?

Generally you want to keep a piano away from any direct heat source be it hot or cold. Putting a grand piano in a nice bay window may look really nice but if there is direct sun coming in that window, an artificial environment is set up. Direct contact from the air conditioning vents onto the pianos also is an issue. The air and piano will heat up and/or cool down once the source leaves.  Metal inside the piano will retain the heat more than the air and wood around it. Homes in Florida tend to have the air conditioning running most all year ‘round. For this reason, the environment here can be more stable.
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